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This is the online archive of Capacity.org, a resource portal for the practice of capacity development and the home of Capacity.org journal, which was published between 1999 and 2013. While the website is not currently being actively updated, it provides access to a broad range of related topic-based online resources that practitioners can draw on for their own work. We continue to track capacity development news and resources through several social media networks, including:

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'Capacity Development Beyond Aid': After 15 years, Capacity.org signs off with retrospective publication

CD Beyond Aid coverIn this 113-page retrospective publication co-edited by Heinz Greijn, Volker Hauck, Tony Land and Jan Ubels, the partner organizations behind Capacity.org outline an agenda for future research and practice based on the substantive body of capacity development theory and praxis accumulated over the past few decades. The publication also commemorates the 15th year anniversary of Capacity.org during which 47 issues of the journal have been produced, as part of a broader knowledge platform for capacity development practitioners.